Smoking and in my Schoolgirl Outfit

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I wanted to also mention the stupid rumors that some losers out there are trying to spread about me.  I won’t go into it much because it’s honestly not worth my time or yours.  I just want people to know that these people are actually the scammers themselves who have been stealing my pics from my site, posing as me under fake online accounts, and tried to lure people into sending them money in one way or another by saying things like, I’m hurt, kidnapped, or even that they could arrange to meet me.

Since I came out and started speaking up against it, to let people know NOT to be victims of these scams, and NOT to send anyone money, they seem to have started a campaign to try to discredit me destroy my reputation.  They forget….I’m the one with the site, I’m the one with the fans, and I’m the one with the power to make things known.  They have tried to start rumors that I am part of this horrible scam.  One even went as far as saying that I have arrangements with criminals from Ghana and they send me a cut of the “action”.  That’s just ridiculous.  I make a living from my websites.  If I wanted to “scam” and tell people I need money to get passports, visas, or to help my dying mother, I would NOT NEED PEOPLE FROM GHANA TO DO IT!  DUH!  I would simply post on my site that I need help.  I do not need help!

If someone contacts you on yahoo messenger or ANYTHING else, IT IS NOT ME.  I do not contact random strangers EVER.  My microphone is my website.  If I need help with something or need a date, I WOULD POST IT HERE, not contact strangers on messenger.  It’s that simple.

These people should honestly be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing to me and to others, and karma is a bitch and most likely it has already bitten you otherwise you would be doing something more productive with your time and making money some other way not by stealing.

So again, if you want to talk to me, do it here (post me a message), email me through, or, tweet me at @theannangel (any other twitter account not in this name is a fraud and should be reported), or stop by my cam shows.  I currently DO NOT have Facebook.  If you find accounts there, please report them directly to FB as fraudulent accounts and they will remove them.

Thanks for listening!

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Hi guys, welcome to my site! I'm Ann, and this is my little home on the web. I'm not a professional model, I just started this site because I always liked the attention I got from guys, and I love showing off my body! There's so much to see inside. Come watch me play with myself and my friends :) The best part is, you can watch me live on cam 2x a week!

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