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A very classy shoot here. We shot over at a friend's house and oh man did I love it! This little tease video will definitely get you in the mood :)
Another long lost video, that I uncovered along with the one in the blue lingerie. I must have been feeling really horny that day! LOL If you liked the other one you will LOOOOVE this one!
So we've talked about me showing up to your office in a sexy little outfit and fooling around before. This time, how about YOU come to MY office! I promise to make it worth your time :)
Actually shot this video a while back but never put it up. I actually forgot I had it! So lucky you, since it's one of my hottest ones yet!
This video is a little different than my regular videos. We put some nice music to it, slow motioned it, and it came out pretty damn cool! I like it alot and I hope you will too!
I decided to take a ride over to the Hudson River today. There are tons of boats riding through here all day long, so it really was like putting on a show for the sailors :)
Another gorgeous summer day. Just relaxing on the beach smoking my cigarette. I was trying to get a little naughtier for you, but this old guy kept following us around! LOL It happens every once in a while. Part of the job!
Now this isn't exactly a topless beach. I'm not supposed to be topless, but I won't let that stop me. Keep an eye out for onlookers camera man!
I decided to do something different with my hair. I'm naturally a brunette so I figured it would look nice. It hasn't changed my naughty ways though. I have here, one of my longest dildos, to prove it!
I'm just out here enjoying the scenery and the beautiful weather today. Perfect spot for a little strip tease. I worked the camera and the camera man just can't seem to keep his hands off me! LOL
I don't always need to use a toy to please myself. Matter of fact, I actually prefer my fingers. I like to feel myself getting wet and the warmth of my pussy between my fingers. I have the fastest orgasms when I use my hands :) Just a little FYI.
I found a little secluded spot on the beach today. I never played with a dildo outdoors, with the chance of someone actually catching me in action. It was pretty exciting actually. I always get a thrill out of voyeurism.
One of my biggest fantasies, or things I actually do in bed, involves baby oil. I just love the feeling of being all wet and rubbing my slippery body against someone elses. So what do you say, you want to rub some on me?
Faith and I played a little role here of two girls just getting home from school. You know how two best friends can get a little crazy when the parents aren't around, especially when they know they should be in class.
We needed to lean up after the body painting we did so we hopped into the tup. One thing you may notice about Faith are her amazing boobs! They are huge and SO soft! You should see what they feel like all soapy. I enjoyed rubbing up against her here! LOL
We decided to do a little painting, inspired by the pictures hanging around us. We tried our best to match the colors. See what came out and decide for yourself if we did ok. We also have a full picture set of this since we shot the video at the same time as we took the pics. Pretty neat to get a kind of behind the scenes look.
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