Cutting Class With Faith
Faith and I played a little role here of two girls just getting home from school. You know how two best friends can get a little crazy when the parents aren't around, especially when they know they should be in class.
Washing off the Paint
We needed to lean up after the body painting we did so we hopped into the tup. One thing you may notice about Faith are her amazing boobs! They are huge and SO soft! You should see what they feel like all soapy. I enjoyed rubbing up against her here! LOL
Finger Painting With Faith
We decided to do a little painting, inspired by the pictures hanging around us. We tried our best to match the colors. See what came out and decide for yourself if we did ok. We also have a full picture set of this since we shot the video at the same time as we took the pics. Pretty neat to get a kind of behind the scenes look.
Our Club Outfits
This is another video we shot during an actual photo shoot with Faith. We got dressed in these revealing dresses that I really wish I could have hit the club in! Super short and showing super cleavage, that's how I roll :)
Photo Shoot With Faith
Sexy blondes in sexy lingerie. That's us! This is my first photo shoot / video shoot with Faith ever. We were a little nervous at first around eachother since we didn't know what to expect. It's like that when you meet someone for the first time and you have to get naked right then and there. :) But we loosened up real quick and had a blast.
First Person POV
Even my webby sometimes gets to have a little fun. You know I like to please everyone. This was a video where he had a chance to do some groping in a first person view kind of shoot. He said he was doing it for the members so they would get a feeling like they are there with me, but I think he enjoyed it :)
Welcome 2008!
Happy 2008 you guys. Another year spent with me! YAY! It's been alot of fun. Still going strong here, and here's my latest video to show it. I'm pretty beat from celebrating, but a girl still needs to be satisfied if you know what I mean :) I'm just bumming around the house now and you get to watch me have some fun.
Wicked Weisel Bikini
When it's nice outside I like to hit the outdoors in as little as possible. Check out my sheer white wicked weisel bikini that is SO revealing! Especially when it gets wet. I might as well be naked!
Summer Dress
Bringing in the days of summer with my new summer dress. I also put on a little magic show for you guys here. Watch what I can make appear out of thin air. A dildo....BAM!....Some lube....TADAAA!!
Driving Around Topless
I met Lacey in AZ. The weather was so nice that we decided to go for a drive in my rental convertible eclipse. This video is all about girls just wanna have fun! We drove around and flashed everyone everywhere! We had people honking their horns at lights. This was definitely the most I ever showed in such a public area! It was SO exciting!
Phil Flash Shoots Me With Lacey
Phil Flash shoots softcore with me and Lacey here :) This was our first scene together and I couldn't believe how comfortable we were with eachother from the start! It didn't take long for me to start making out with her. Next thing I know we're naked on the bed! I love my job :)
Shooting With Sandy
Sandy is one of the hottest chicks around. We shot together in FL a little while ago and I hope we do it again real soon becuase I can't get enough of her. She is the first girl I ever shot with like this and WOW it was awesome!
Here's another piece of what will be appearing on my next DVD in full length. You definitely get some of the hottest parts here on my site, but not all ;)
Drunk Girls
This video was shot the first night Eva and I hung out for the first time ever. We hit up a strip club that night, where we actually asked if we can dance on stage, but the manager didn't let us, and had a few drinks. Then we went back to her place and had a blast. Want to see what I'm like when I drink? And it doesn't even take much! LOL
Shooting With Sandy
This is another behind the scenes during a photo shoot with me and Sandy. She is a sweet heart and made me feel so comfortable despite how nervous she made me. You'd be nervous too if you had this hot blonde sitting in front of you half naked....errrr...naked. WOW! :)
Welcoming the Fall
Unfortunately summer is gone you guys. Fall is still so pretty though. Want to come play in the leaves with me? How about if I get naked? Will you play with me then?
Naughty Maid
My place gets dirty once in a while, and someone needs to clean it. The only problem is I'm not exactly the best maid for the job. I'm better at other things. Ever wonder what the maid does when you're not around? Check out what I would do when no one's watching. Well....actually....I forgot...EVERYONE'S watching me!